Completion – Finishing What You’ve Started

II Corinthians 8:11 “So now finish doing it, that your enthusiastic readiness in desiring it may be equalled by your completion of it according to your ability and means”

Completion is to finish what we have started. As the verse above commands we must finish our vision with the same enthusiasm we had when we first imagined its possibility. In the beginning, when we first envision our own business, writing our first book, opening our first shop, getting our degree or having our first child we feel excitement and enthusiasm. As we begin the planning process we ,continue to feel excitement. We are motivated to get started and anticipate reaching the finish line. However, during our race we can become weary. It is at this point we may decide to stop to take a break. In my last blog I discussed the importance of withstanding the heavy labor and enduring the pain in order to birth our visions. However, what happens when during the process we grow tired and stop to rest?

During our resting period we may lose sight of our vision. We may lose our enthusiasm and excitement about reaching the finish line. Our eyes are set on the goal and we are moving toward it however, we may lose a little steam. Many times during this resting phase we procrastinate on meeting deadlines, completing assignments, finishing paperwork, researching ideas or making important connections. Life begins to pass us by. We see others around us getting the blessings we wanted. At times this can cause us to feel resentful and defeated. The most important thing to remember about resting, is doing it too long leads to laziness. At this point it becomes more difficult to re-motivate ourselves.

The verse above commands that while pursuing our visions we maintain our enthusiasm and motivation until it is finished; according to our ability and means. According to our ability and means is important. We can only accomplish what we are equipped and capable of accomplishing. We may need to accept small beginnings, shorter steps, and not so large outcomes. We can’t become discouraged and disappointed because our business doesn’t make the Fortune 500 list in a month, our book doesn’t sell a million copies or our diploma doesn’t come in exactly 4 years. We do according to our means and ability. What we desire we may not be ready for.

New ventures mean new experiences. Experience comes from practice and doing something repeatedly until we are familiar with the process. We have very little experience with any new venture. We have to learn the process in order to be ready for the bigger responsibility that comes with great success. This learning process can cause frustration, complacency, and we may begin to feel stagnant. We can feel frustrated when things do not happen as planned, when connections fall through or ideas don’t pan out. This is the time we must press in harder and hold tighter to the passion we have for our vision. Never losing sight of the excitement we had the day we first dreamed it.

A resting period is temporary and not meant to extend passed the point of rejuvenation. We stop to rest in order to re-gain strength and push on. Once we are refreshed, it is time to get up and continue on. Stagnation occurs when we rest beyond what is necessary. The race will be there to complete, but how important is it that we complete it with the other runners or with good time? There is less glory in finishing last and no glory if the race is finished and the event has ended. By then there may be no one present to witness the accomplishment.

Completion is holding fast to hope, being certain to keep our hopes out of deferment. Developing a vision that is God breathed and inspired, not mere fantasy. Completion is taking action and pushing through discomfort, pain and inconvenience. It is not resting longer than is necessary. Completion is finishing what we’ve started.

As always thank you for reading. Your are loved, you are valuable and you were made for GREATNESS! Until next time.

April Jones MS, MFTI


8 thoughts on “Completion – Finishing What You’ve Started

  1. I love the graphics of your blog which evoke the image of “true blue.” Your blog entry on vision is the most compelling. I believe each of us is born with a purpose for being here in this lifetime. Some of us realize a vision for our lives earlier than others and for the rest it comes later.

    I knew when I was 35 years old that I wanted to spend my life in service to others. I also believe in my vision that people can recover from whatever hardship life sends their way.

    Great blog!


  2. Thank you for this series. It is very timely for me. I have been on sabbatical from my blog and book.

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